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US Regional Tech Lead

Engineering | Boston, US

About the position


In addition to the products developed by Healthy R&D (both Urine and Spot), Healthy operate call-centers, currently in England and US, but in the near future we expect to see more.

The goal of the CC is to deliver AAAS (Adherence As A Service). meaning that we at Healthy cares not only about great products but also on the full cycle which creates great adherence to the patient, making sure the user experience is easy on a large scale. hundreds of thousands of patients from many different health care providers should be supported effectively. 

To support our call center in the US, we are looking for US regional team lead

  1. US regional domain 
  2. regional layer - Our core AAAS system is generic to support all regions, from time to time there are specific needs for specific regions so we from one hand let the region become the most effective as possible, but from another hand, keep the system with strong core capabilities. This person will lead this layer from requirements level to development. keep it as simple as possible. 
  3. production / data support - From time to time the CC will face issues. This team will support production in the region. from technical perspective, but also functional support - training, getting into the data and help solving issues 
  4. part of the Urine services team - as described above, the goal is to keep the regional layer simple as possible and fully in sync with the core layer. This team will be considered as part of the core services team and will take part on the core roadmap development. 

Role & Responsibilities

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