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Say hello to Minuteful for Wound!

The same SPOT app you know and love, with a new name and logo. 
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Simply update the SPOT app via the App Store or Google Play, or follow the prompts when opening the app.

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Will this rebranding change our workflow or how we use the application and portal? There will be absolutely no changes to the workflow. Once you update the app, you can continue scanning and documenting as usual.

How do I search for the new app? Search ‘Minuteful for Wound’ on the iOS App Store or Android Google Play and download the updated version of the app.

How do I log into the portal? You can log in to the portal from the following page: https://wound.healthy.io/ Don’t worry, if you go to the SPOT portal login page, you will be automatically redirected to the new page.

Is the name on the sticker boxes going to change? Yes. Minuteful for Wound will replace SPOT on the sticker boxes.

Why Minuteful for Wound? SPOT is joining Healthy.io’s Minuteful brand to help simplify and digitize wound care at the speed of life. When it comes to effective wound care and management, every minute counts. Minuteful for Wound ensures every minute caring for patients is meaningful.

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