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Digitise wound management

Receive alerts on stagnating wounds to make data-driven care decisions with Minuteful for Wound. 

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A new standard for wound care

Our CE-marked solution uses the smartphone camera to create a series of wound insights over time, helping clinicians accurately measure and assess wounds and enabling meaningful interventions at the right moments.


Scan the wound using a smartphone and two calibration stickers


Add or update wound documentation in the app


Track healing over time from a centralised portal


cost of managing chronic wounds


faster documentation compared to standard methods

+1 year

average healing time for most chronic wounds

Using Minuteful for Wound

The Minuteful for Wound app and our proprietary calibration stickers allow clinicians to accurately and automatically measure and document wounds. All images and data are securely stored in a dedicated portal where the care team can monitor the wound progression over time, helping them make evidence-based decisions.

Why choose Minuteful for Wound? 

Early identification of stagnating wounds
Early identification of stagnating wounds

100% of staff said the app prompted early detection of static wounds, allowing for earlier intervention and reducing unnecessary suffering. Within a three-month period, one third of the stagnating wounds identified using the service were no longer stagnating, and the remaining two thirds had been moved onto a more appropriate care plan.

High-quality visual records
High-quality visual records

Clinicians can now access a dedicated central repository featuring standardised high-quality visual records, showing the progress of each wound over time, helping inform clinical decision-making and contributing to continuity of care.

Unanimous staff satisfaction and high confidence
Unanimous staff satisfaction and high confidence

100% of staff said they felt comfortable using the service, with an average user confidence score of 10/10.

Patient engagement
Patient engagement

Staff have regularly used the app to show patients their wounds and involve them in their care. 100% of patients said the service helped them engage in their care, and 94.5% said the use of the app had a positive effect on their well being.

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