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Improve access to care with at-home UTI testing

Release GP capacity with pharmacy first testing and treatment for UTIs

Trusted by healthcare leaders


Detect UTIs with smartphone-powered clinical urine testing

Empower community pharmacies while allowing women the ability to self-test in minutes.


Following a quick consultation at their local pharmacy, patient tests at home using her smartphone


A doctor provides an in-app diagnosis online (or) a pharmacist provides an in-person diagnosis at the pharmacy


Patient picks up her prescription at the pharmacy

Your website, ordering process, delivery and the app are fantastic. I can't believe I didn't have to leave my house to get very much needed antibiotics delivered to my door in less than 2 hours.

Sarah Groborz,

Using Minuteful UTI 

The Minuteful UTI test app and kit make UTI testing as easy snapping a photo. The app walks the user through a simple test, empowering women to test themselves for signs of a UTI. Using colourimetric analysis, computer vision and AI we transform the smartphone camera into a clinical-grade medical device.

Online and pharmacy pathways 

Minuteful UTI expedites the path to treatment while freeing up GP appointments for faster relief.


of women in Lincolnshire CCG who used the service said they'd recommend it to a friend


of pharmacists surveyed would recommend other pharmacists take part in the service


of patients who suffered from 1+ major UTI symptoms, tested unlikely for UTI, potentially avoiding unnecessary antibiotics

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Shift UTI care to pharmacies

Increase access to care
Increase access to care

Women can access our service both online and in person, with a diagnosis from an online clinician or a pharmacist.

Seamless and secure
Seamless and secure

Our solution is CE-marked and GDPR compliant. Results are securely stored in the app and can be shared with clinicians.

Clinically accurate
Clinically accurate

Our AI and computer vision technology normalises and analyses the dipstick image, delivering clinical-grade results regardless of lighting conditions.

Simple testing
Simple testing

Testing at home is as simple as taking a photo. 99.5% of users say our app is easy to use and most can complete the test in 3 minutes.

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