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Shift urine testing from the clinic to the home with Minuteful 10

Transform service flows safely and conveniently with at-home urinalysis

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Smartphone powered urine testing

Urine testing is the 2nd most common medical test. Home testing lets patients test when needed at their convenience, whilst reducing the administrative burden on clinical teams.

Send a kit

We ensure our Minuteful 10 kit arrives at patients’ home as regularly as you need them to test.

Patient tests

Patient takes the urine test supported by smartphone app and call centre help team

Get results

Results are available for the clinician to review in real time

Providing remote care meets the real need of our patients to receive service from anywhere and at any time.

Angela Irony, PhD, RN,
Chief Nursing Officer ,Maccabi Health Services


Using Minuteful 10

Our general urine test allows patients to take routine urine diagnostic or monitoring tests at home. Leucocytes, nitrites, urobilinogen, protein, PH, blood, specific gravity, ketones, bilirubin and glucose can all be identified by our clinical grade self-test which is as easy for patients as snapping a photo.

Smartphone-powered home urinalysis

An A-Z service
An A-Z service

From shipping the test kits to patient’s homes to sharing the results with the clinical team in real time, we take care of the whole flow to integrate seamlessly into your EMRs.

Clinical-grade results
Clinical-grade results

Our CE-marked AI and colour calibration technology normalises and analyses the dipstick regardless of the testing environment, or device, ensuring reliable and clinical-grade results.

Seamless and secure
Seamless and secure

Our GDPR compliant service integrates into your existing clinical workflow, and results are transmitted into the patient's electronic medical record (EMR).

User-friendly design
User-friendly design

Testing at home is as simple as taking a photo. 99.5% of users say our app is easy to use and the majority prefer home testing.

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