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Improve adherence with home kidney testing

Close care gaps, improve outcomes, and reduce costs with Minuteful Kidney.

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Testing at home with Minuteful Kidney

From 0% to 72% adherence1

A majority of at-risk people don’t take their annual urine test. Reach the untested population by shifting testing to the home.

Send a kit

ACR (albumin to creatinine ratio) test kit sent to the individual’s home

Get Tested

Individual completes the test using a smartphone app

Fast results

Results immediately available for the clinician to review

It was amazing to get instant results from the app because it put me at ease knowing my kidneys were fine. 

Leah Dunbar,
Student, 18 years old ,Southampton

Saving Lives and Cutting Costs2

Projected five-year outcomes for the NHS by rolling out our service, based on an independent evaluation undertaken by the York Health Economics Consortium.


Identified CKD cases


cases of ESRD avoided

£660 m

net cost savings


Using Minuteful Kidney

The Minuteful Kidney test app and kit allow people to test themselves at home for signs of CKD and receive immediate clinical results. Using colourimetric analysis, computer vision, and AI we transform the smartphone camera into a clinical-grade medical device. The app walks the user through a simple test, making it as easy as snapping a photo.

Smartphone-powered CKD early detection service

An A-Z service
An A-Z service

We take care of the whole process. Once you provide us with a list of eligible people, we post them kits and ensure they take the test. Their clinician receives the results for follow-up.

Improve patient experience
Improve patient experience

Engage previously untested people by giving them the freedom to test when it's most convenient for them, from the comfort of their home.

Easy testing
Easy testing

Our user-friendly app makes testing at home as easy as taking a photo. People of all ages can take the test in under 3 minutes, with a 98% user satisfaction rate.

Clinical results
Clinical results

Our AI and computer vision technology calibrates the dipstick scan and analyses the results regardless of lighting conditions, setting, or device type, ensuring clinical-grade results.

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