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Minuteful for Wound

Digitally transform care of patients with wounds and skin conditions that can lead to chronic wounds.

End-to-end integration with

Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
Livewell Southwest
North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

A new standard for wound care

Our vision is to eradicate unnecessary and unwarranted variation in patient care and to make non-healing wounds a rare event. By doing so, we can make busy clinicians’ working lives easier and help patients to live more, free from burden.


Scan the wound using a smartphone and a calibration sticker


Add or update wound documentation in the app


Track healing over time from a centralised portal


wounds managed by the NHS


annual cost of managing chronic wounds in the UK


average healing rate of chronic wounds [1]

Using Minuteful for Wound

Minuteful for Wound enables clinicians to quickly and accurately capture standardised wound images using a smartphone, creating full visibility across the care team. Staff at any band can assess wounds confidently and consistently, allowing a more efficient allocation of resources in line with the latest NHS Operational Planning Guidance.

Why choose Minuteful for Wound?

Improve quality
Improve quality

Of clinical documentation by providing 3D digital imagery and AI-assisted assessments

Empower clinicians
Empower clinicians

By providing real-time, point-of-care clinical insights and decision support

Keep patients safe
Keep patients safe

Ease the burden on care teams by empowering less experienced staff to provide quality wound care under the remote guidance of expert clinicians

Engage and support
Engage and support

Patients with self-care and education by providing an easy-to-use app

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Professional information and assets

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