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Optimise theatre capacity by identifying pre-op UTIs

Reduce on-the-day surgery cancellations with Minuteful 10 at-home urinalysis

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on-the-day cancellations due to UTIs


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Tackle the elective care backlog

With theatre backlogs at record highs, hospitals can’t afford unexpected cancellations. But up to 10% of urology/endourology procedures are cancelled on the day because patients have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), leading to further delays and sub-optimal theatre capacity.'s Minuteful 10 digital home testing service enables clinical teams to screen for UTIs in advance of planned procedures. Patients can do the test at home, helping hospital teams maximise operating capacity and minimise on-the-day cancellations.

Smartphone-powered urine testing

Send a kit

Patients with upcoming endourological procedures are sent a home urinalysis test kit by our team.

Patient tests

Patient completes the test from home using a smartphone app. Test results are immediately shared with the clinical team.

Act on results

Patients with indications of a UTI are invited for a culture test, and antibiotics are prescribed if necessary, allowing for the procedure to proceed as planned.

Avoid surgery cancellations

An A-Z service
An A-Z service

From shipping the test kits to patients' homes to sharing the results with the clinical team in real time, we take care of the whole flow to integrate seamlessly into your pre-operative processes.

Align with NHS guidance
Align with NHS guidance

Minuteful 10 tackles the elective care backlog and reduces waits for procedures—key goals of the 2022/23 NHS planning guidance.

Clinical-grade results
Clinical-grade results

Our CE-marked AI and colour calibration technology normalises and analyses the dipstick regardless of the testing environment, or device, ensuring reliable and clinical-grade results.

User-friendly design
User-friendly design

Testing at home is as simple as taking a photo. 99.5% of users say our app is easy to use and the majority prefer home testing.

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