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Improve outcomes in kidney health

Reduce costs and improve access to care with smartphone-powered kidney testing.

Increase your adherence rates

The majority of at-risk Americans do not take their annual urine test. Reach the untested population and increase patient engagement by making routine testing more convenient and accessible.


Minuteful Kidney kit is designed to measure albumin, an early sign of kidney damage


Urine test is completed by snapping a picture of the dipstick using a smartphone app


Results are analyzed, and available immediately for the doctor to review

Smartphone-powered kidney testing

Promote early detection while significantly boosting revenue and quality performance. Our kidney testing service has demonstrated significant gains for health plans by preventing progression of the disease, reducing the total cost of care, and improving risk scoring. Based on an actuarial evaluation, health plans can earn a positive ROI within two years by increasing test adherence and identifying CKD earlier.*

If you can take pictures with your phone, you can use this kit. I want to do it like that all the time. It's in the privacy of my home and I get the results right away.

Andrea, 63,

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✳︎ Outcomes derived from a model performed by an external credentialed actuary. The model is based on an actuarial evaluation of medical and pharmacy claims data representing 4.9 million members managed under Medicare Advantage and 12.7 million members managed under commercial plans. Net gain and ROI is calculated assuming proper management and treatment of the disease after diagnosis.