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Make informed decisions with vivid images

Minuteful for Wound allows for better, more accurate decision making and wound care management

Make the Minuteful difference in your wound care management


Staff at any capacity can assess wounds confidently, consistently, and safely allowing a more efficient allocation of resources.


Vivid, color imaging allows for consistent documentation regardless of lighting, who is taking the photo or the type of device.


Clear documentation and easy to navigate, in-app documentation allows for improved care and higher engagement across the care continuum.

SImplified Workflow
SImplified Workflow

Ease the burden on care teams by empowering all staff members to provide quality wound care under the remote guidance of expert clinicians.

Color brings wound care management to life

Replace subjective notes with realistic, consistent images depicting the realife color of each and every wound.

This accurate documentation allows for more comprehensive wound data than traditional methods like paper rulers and digital cameras.


people in the US suffer from chronic wounds annually


Medicare spend on chronic wounds


of diabetic foot ulcers reoccur within a year

Wound data you can trust

With our FDA-registered solution, care teams can prioritize patients based on the data, and remotely conduct efficient, evidence-based consultations. The quick, insightful process increases patients' engagement and satisfaction.


Capture a complete and comprehensive 3D wound scan using a smartphone or tablet and two calibration stickers


Quickly and consistently document wounds upon admission, with automatic measurements and tissue distribution


Review audit-ready documentation from a centralized portal, and track wound status throughout the stay has successfully changed wound care management. We're excited to partner with them to help our nurses accurately and consistently monitor chronic wounds.

Joseph McDonough,
CEO ,Innovive Health

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