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A New Standard for Wound Care

Our FDA-registered, smartphone-powered solution helps clinicians take clinically accurate
measurements and capture a standardized digital record of wound progression.

Diagram of ACR test kit


Scan the wound using a smartphone and two calibration stickers

Diagram of ACR test process


Add or update wound documentation right
within the app

Diagram of ACR test results portal


Track healing over time
from a centralized portal

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Reduce workload by turning the smartphone into a wound management tool


reduction in nurses' time
for follow-up visits


faster documentation
compared to standard

< 3.5%

average error of
length and surface
area measurements

Evidence-Based Care for Better Outcomes

Streamline workflows, enable faster intervention, and improve care across the continuum.

Real-Time Wound Insights

Get a holistic view of patients across the continuum of care. Easily track wound progression over time and flag stagnating wounds, ensuring timely intervention.

Single Source of Truth

Centralize wound data in a secure cloud-based portal that’s visible to all members of the care team, enabling remote consultation and monitoring.

3D Wound Imaging

Our AI and computer vision technology calibrates images for scale, lighting, and dimensions to create a 3D model of the wound.

Fully Integrated

Our solution can integrate into any EMR and is fully configurable to fit naturally into your clinical workflow. No hardware needed.

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