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Shifting prenatal testing from the clinic to the home

Driving flexibility and convenience for women with the Minuteful 10 Service 

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Improve the prenatal experience1

Routine monitoring is key to a healthy pregnancy. Home testing gives women the freedom to test on their own terms.

Send a kit

We send a test kit to a pregnant woman’s home

User tests

Woman takes urine test using kit and smartphone app

Get results

Results promptly available for the doctor to review

Providing remote care meets the real need of our patients to receive service from anywhere and at any time.

Angela Irony, PhD, RN,
Chief Nursing Officer ,Maccabi Health Services


Using Minuteful 10 

The Minuteful 10 test app and kit allow people to take routine urine tests at home. Using colorimetric analysis, computer vision, and AI we transform the smartphone camera into a clinical-grade medical device. The app walks the user through a simple test, making it as easy as snapping a photo.

Smartphone-powered prenatal testing

An A-Z Service
An A-Z Service

From shipping and delivering the test kits to women's homes to sharing the results with the clinician in real time, we manage the whole flow to integrate seamlessly into yours.

Accurate and immediate results
Accurate and immediate results

Our technology normalizes and analyzes the dipstick regardless of lighting, environment, or device.

Seamless and secure
Seamless and secure

Our HIPAA compliant service integrates into your existing clinical workflow, and results are transmitted to the patient's electronic medical record (EMR).

User-friendly design
User-friendly design

Testing at home is as simple as taking a photo. 99.5% of users say our app is easy to use.

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Citations and Footnotes
  1. Home testing device is currently limited to investigational use in the United States.