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Lead Android Developer

R&D | Tel Aviv, Full time
Android developers at are in charge of developing a set of medical and research applications. Our apps impact the lives of real patients, helping them diagnose various medical conditions from home. Coupled with our physical testing kits, our Android and iOS applications are used for a wide variety of cases, from screening to early detection to treatment analysis. Beyond that we have brand new products in our pipeline. It’s a great time to join us.

From an engineering standpoint, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our apps must be accessible, resilient and very user-friendly. They have to be beautiful on the outside and super performant on the inside. To allow our users to self-test successfully, our UI is designed to be the most intuitive and friendly guide, while under the hood we have sophisticated vision algorithms to extract and analyze camera data. We strive to constantly change and adapt according to the latest trends and technologies available. We also collaborate with many health organizations, which creates one of our main technical challenges: customizing our user experience to suit each of our partner's needs.

We’re looking for an experienced senior developer, to become our Lead Android Developer and take complete ownership of our Android products. You have to be smart, creative and independent. Someone who has fresh ideas and the technical prowess and understanding of how to approach a high quality Android application. You need to bring to the table the best practices and tech stack that modern Android apps are built upon. You will have complete technical freedom at your disposal. We’re not looking for a code-monkey. You will be a real stakeholder in all of the development processes. This is truly a unique and important position at
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Front-End Developer

R&D | Tel Aviv, Full-time
The front-end team at is looking for two new teammates!

Within the company, we're in charge of a wide variety of websites and web apps. This includes our homepage as well as several apps used to support the company's new product development, manufacturing and quality control, commercial implementations, clinical trials, and lab experiments.

React is our tool of choice for almost all of these projects. More specifically, we're big fans of react-boilerplate and Gatsby and we occasionally contribute to the former.

Because we work in the medical field, our apps must be especially resilient, reliable, and user-friendly. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and thus you should be able to carefully architect and develop new apps while being mindful of the smallest details. You should also be discerning and knowledgeable about today's modern JavaScript tooling, libraries and frameworks.

This is an ideal opportunity for a talented front-end or full-stack developer looking to join an exciting start-up in the field of digital healthcare.
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Junior Lab Operator

R&D | Tel Aviv, Full-time is looking for a new member to join its R&D lab team. The lab team leads and participates in key steps of numerous product development processes, in addition to conducting routine, hands-on lab tasks. The Junior Lab Operator will participate in conducting experiments, both designed to comply with regulatory requirements as well as those designed to fine-tune and improve device performance. The Junior Lab Operator will also conduct quality control procedures.
This is a great opportunity to learn and grow in a dynamic company that is at the forefront of developing innovative medical devices using the latest computer vision technologies.
The Junior Lab Operator reports directly to the Lab Manager.
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Senior ML & CV Algorithm Developer

R&D | Tel Aviv, Full time is looking for an experienced Machine Learning Algorithm Developer with a background in computer vision to own, shape, and lead this domain. The challenges we face include standard machine learning problems such as segmentation and real time object detection as well as problems that arise from our unique data. These require tailored architectures and solutions.

We are looking for a self-driven, intelligent, and experienced researcher to take ownership and lead the way. You will be working on migrating existing modules and introducing new ones throughout our product line, mentoring the algorithm team in the field of machine learning and working closely with the CTO, frontend (mobile) and backend teams.
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Junior CV & ML Algorithm Developer

R&D | Tel Aviv, Full time is looking for a Computer Vision Algorithm Developer to join our world-leading team as it develops its second clinical product. In this role, you will join the computer vision development effort both on current and future products. You will participate in the entire product lifecycle from early prototyping to delivering high quality optimized code that executes on mobile phones and in the cloud.

You will be working closely with the CTO, frontend (mobile) and backend teams.
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