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Increase ACR testing by up to 50%

Bring disengaged members back into care with Minuteful Kidney’s at-home test. 

"I want to test like this all the time."

In the proposed 2023/4 HEDIS updates, uACR testing is required to close the new Kidney Evaluation for patients with Diabetes (KED) measurement. Close the gap by letting members test using their smartphone with Minuteful Kidney, at a time that’s convenient for them, all while receiving instant clinical-grade results from the comfort of home.

Equal access for all

An annual urine albumin to creatinine ratio (ACR) test is one of the most important risk stratification tools for cardiovascular and kidney disease. Minuteful Kidney allows at-risk members, across all income levels, locations and ethnicities, to easily test from home and better protect their health. All that’s needed is a valid address and a smartphone! Members test at-home by simply:


Eligible patients receive the Minuteful Kidney kit straight to their door.


Patient takes the test at home using a smartphone.


Results are available immediately for your patients to share and discuss with their care team.

Democratizing access to care with readily available technology, which is our smartphone, allows patients to test in the privacy of their own home.

Dr. Setu Vora, MD, Pequot Tribal Chief Medical Officer

Better for your members, better for you

At the heart of quality care
At the heart of quality care

An abnormal ACR test result could put members at a 3x risk of CVD events*, independent of other risk factors–even when eGFR is normal and can reveal valuable information about heart and kidney health.

Reducing costly complications
Reducing costly complications

Early detection of albuminuria can lead to significant reduction in the total cost of care. Identifying undetected kidney disease helps avert complications such as heart attacks, strokes, and dialysis.

Scaling member engagement
Scaling member engagement

We take care of the whole process. We ship and deliver kits to eligible members and ensure they complete the test through a personalized member communication protocol.

Driving members back to care
Driving members back to care

The test offers members instant results, with clear explanations and guidance on next steps to help providers identify, diagnose and provide proper care

Reducing health inequities
Reducing health inequities

Increase access to care for previously untested members. Give them the freedom to test when it's most convenient for them, from the comfort of their home.

The KED advantage
The KED advantage

Urine ACR is one of the required tests for closing the Kidney Health Evaluation HEDIS measure. It is one of the earliest and simplest ways to detect CKD among at-risk populations.

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