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Backend Developer

Engineering | Tel Aviv | Full-time

Backend developers at are in charge of developing a wide range of services and infrastructures. Our backend deployments serve a wide range of research and medical applications that impact the lives of real patients, helping with the diagnostics of medical conditions from the comfort of their home. 

Node.js is our language of choice, together with GO and Python they form our technological stack. We dockerize everything on the cloud, and we are big fans of Kubernetes.

From an engineering standpoint, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our services must be robust, resilient, secure, performant and scalable. We build an array of services that support the entire company's technical endeavours. Everything from our mobile and web applications to our internal research tools. Our infrastructure powers our computer vision and ML algorithms, and our DBs are used for data science and BI.

We're looking for a backend developer to join our team. You have to be smart, creative and independent. Someone who has fresh ideas and the technical prowess and understanding of how to approach a high quality backend application. You need to bring to the table the best practices and tech stack that modern backend infrastructure are built upon.

Role & Responsibilities

  • High throughput of high-quality and tested code.
  • Be responsible, deliver on time and own your tasks.
  • Evolve and learn the best practices and patterns in backend design and development.
  • Be ready to acquire an in-depth understanding of our technical challenges - from mobile/web APIs, via security thinking to data management and BI requirements.
  • Collaborate effectively with a multidisciplinary team of developers, researchers, product managers, designers, sales and marketing, and other stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes.


  • A minimum of 1 year of experience developing high quality backend servers.
  • Deep understanding of the at least one backend platform foundations, best practices and modern programming.
  • B.Sc. in CS or a similar degree is a major advantage.
  • Experience with Node.js is an advantage.
  • Experience with GO is an advantage.
  • Experience with Python is an advantage
  • Experience with Cloud development and maintenance is an advantage
  • Experience with SQL is an advantage
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