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Deputy Commercial Director

Sales | London, GB

About the position

The Team you will be joining: is a global company which has been very careful to select the health tech industry’s best and brightest on our scaling journey to bring the medical selfie closer to patients. You will be joining a team of highly talented individuals all working towards this common goal.

Within the UK, the leadership team is made up of nationally recognised innovators and highly capable and experienced health tech leaders. You will meet global leaders in digital health technology scale up, both internal and external and strategic connections nationally and internationally. It will also offer international growth opportunities for the right candidate. You will have responsibility for building a rapid growth health tech business, backed by investment from Silicon Valley, commercialising proven technology across a range of pathways which benefit clinicians and patients.

Your experience within this team will both give you excellent knowledge of scaling a medium sized enterprise to a large corporate organisation, exposure to different healthcare markets across the UK and Ireland and senior leadership within the team and also provide world class career progression experience as part of a growing global trust brand company.

The company is a highly sociable organisation where you will make lifelong friends and colleagues.

About is the first company to successfully turn the smartphone camera into a clinical-grade medical device, enabling faster treatment and improved care for patients worldwide. Our products combine computer vision and machine learning technology with best-in-class UX design to create new clinical pathways through smartphone-powered urinalysis, digitized wound management, and beyond.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv with 240 employees across London, Boston, The Netherlands, and Singapore we are growing fast as we serve more and more patients across ever-expanding areas of healthcare.

True to our ‘medical selfie’ vision we are also expanding our product portfolio to enable healthcare professionals to use their smartphone camera to improve documentation and management of chronic wounds, working with sites across the NHS to tackle this £5 billion challenge.

  • Communication/people skills and creativity – ability to create the optimum conditions for proposals to succeed
  • Organisational skills & ability to work quickly to meet market demand
  • Ability to work to multiple deadlines, and support team members to deliver deals working to tight deadlines
  • Technical competency and strong understanding of the NHS and buying personas
  • Experience in closing large scale deals with the NHS
  • Experience in managing successful teams
  • Strong networks within the NHS and have experience and ability to close scaled deals at ICS and trust level

You will be:

  • Enthusiastic to participate in a rapid scale up journey to take to the next level of market share, both within the NHS and private sector
  • Able to clearly articulate value to NHS and private sector buyers
  • Bring a high degree of sales maturity and experience to the team, to recognise and positively interpret internal and external pressures around timing of deals, enabling growth in a rapidly changing customer market
  • A highly motivated and resilient individual with the ability to work flexible hours to meet customer and internal deadlines
  • Able to engage and clearly communicate and influence internal stakeholders
  • Able to oversee scale up of sales across multiple clinical pathways and 4 different product lines
  • Able to pivot the technology to adapt to new and emerging opportunities within the market
  • Enjoyable to work with and a true team player
  • Take initiative without prompting
  • Roll up your sleeves and make things happen
  • Always wanting to learn and better yourself professionally

Experience required:

  • 5+ years healthcare industry experience in the UK
  • Proven track record of landing scaled contracts (7 figures) with ICS’ and meeting sales targets
  • Leadership and management experience
  • Strong networks within the NHS, specifically within London
  • Senior stakeholder management experience
  • Digital health experience

Role & Responsibilities

You will be working closely with the rest of the team and have the potential to have a huge influence on our company trajectory and driving achievement of predictable and repeatable revenue

  • Lead and manage members of the sales team to take ownership of the delivery against sales revenue against targets.
  • Take direct personal responsibility for enabling scale up growth in London as a market
  • Engagement with senior health leaders in England across the public and private sectors and track and analyse commercial plans against local strategy
  • Conduct market analyses and identify growth opportunities for London
  • Deliver against commercial growth targets across our urinalysis and wound product offerings
  • Managing new commercial contracts and deliver contract renewals against target
  • Liaising with marketing and operations to advise on strategy. Collaborate on marketing campaigns and promotional activities and create inventive plays to approach the market and deliver value for public and private sector customers
  • Supporting the business holistically
  • Taking ownership of managing key stakeholders through exciting new projects to create repeatable, scaled opportunities for driving future revenue
  • Manage the recruitment and training of staff for sales 

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