Clinically approved digital urinalysis

Our product is as accurate as the standard lab based urinalysis analyzer.

It is CE and ISO 13485 certified for sale in the EU and FDA 510(k) cleared as a Class II medical device.

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Digitize established diagnostics

We built our product around the established urinalysis dipstick, a tried and tested medical tool.

The dipstick measures 10 parameters, indicating a range of infections, chronic illnesses and pregnancy-related complications.

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Accuracy through computer vision

Many different smartphone cameras and infinite lighting conditions make accurate dipstick reading highly challenging.

However, our computer vision algorithms and unique calibration method make accurate testing as easy as taking a selfie.

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User-centered design

We developed and tested our product with the user in mind, allowing anyone to easily conduct the urinalysis test like a trained professional.

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Integration into clinical flow

Our app integrates seamlessly into the clinical process. It guides the user through the testing process step-by-step, and automatically sends the results to the patient's electronic medical record for clinical follow-up.

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Our proven expertise is building the basis for future products

Developing AI that delivers urinalysis at clinical accuracy has generated a unique dataset of millions of clinical smartphone images.

Our experience paired with this unique dataset pave the way for a new product line around skincare and wound management.

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