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From 0% to 72% Adherence2

The vast majority of at-risk Americans do not take their annual urine test.
Reach the untested population by shifting testing from the lab to the home.

Diagram of ACR test kit

ACR (Albumin to Creatinine Ratio) test kit sent to patient with their consent

Diagram of ACR test process

Patient tests from home using smartphone

Diagram of ACR test results portal

Results available for
doctor review

This new test has the potential to help millions of patients find out if they have CKD while there is still time to prevent progression to kidney failure.

Kerry Willis, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer,
National Kidney Foundation,
an official partner

Picture of the home urine test

Validated Outcomes for Health Plans3

Reduce the total cost of care by preventing progression of CKD,
improve risk scoring, and increase quality metrics.


3-year net gain per
identified member


positive return
on investment


Additional gains from
improved quality metrics

Smartphone-Powered CKD Early Detection Service

End-to-End Service

From shipping the test kits to patients' doors to patient onboarding, we take care of the whole flow so you don't have to change a thing about yours.

Automatic Color Calibration

Our AI and computer vision technology calibrates the dipstick image and analyzes the results regardless of lighting conditions, setting, or camera type.

Patient Activation at Scale

Engage previously untested populations by giving them the freedom to test themselves when it's most convenient without leaving home.

User-Centric Design

Our user-friendly app makes testing at home as easy as taking a selfie. Patients of all ages can complete the test in under 3 minutes, with a 98% user satisfaction rate.

Recommended Resources

Learn more about our CKD early detection service and the impact of at-home testing.

Make a difference for your at-risk population

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