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Raise Kidney Disease Testing Rates

Reach disengaged members with the Minuteful Kidney at-home testing service

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Chronic Kidney Disease doesn’t have specific symptoms in the early stages. When it comes to health sovereignties, how do we empower individuals to take charge of their own health? [This] allows people access to care, where they want it: in the comfort of their own home.

Dr. Setu Vora, MD,
Pequot Tribal Chief Medical Officer

Test up to 50% of your untested members

Minuteful Kidney removes barriers associated with traditional lab testing. It empowers the 80% of members who are not being tested regularly to conveniently take their test at home.


Eligible patients receive the Minuteful Kidney kit straight to their door.


Patient takes the test at home using a smartphone.


Results are available immediately for your patients to share and discuss with their care team.


Up to 50% adherence in untested populations


Of members prefer testing at home


Net Promoter Score



$120 bn

Medicare expenditure on late stage kidney disease

Increase access to lab-grade testing through any smartphone

The Minuteful Kidney test app and kit allow people to test themselves at home for signs of CKD and receive immediate clinical results. Through colorimetric analysis, computer vision, and AI we use the smartphone camera to deliver a FDA cleared clinical-grade medical test. The app walks the user through a simple test, making it as easy as snapping a photo.

Better for you, better for your members

The KED advantage
The KED advantage

Urine ACR is one of the required tests for closing the Kidney Health Evaluation HEDIS measure. It is one of the earliest and simplest ways to detect CKD among at-risk populations.

Enhancing member experience
Enhancing member experience

Our user-friendly app guides members step-by-step. People across all ages found the test easy to complete.

Driving members back to care
Driving members back to care

The test offers members instant results, with clear explanations and guidance on next steps to help providers identify, diagnose and provide proper care

Reducing costly complications
Reducing costly complications

Early detection of albuminuria can lead to significant reduction in the total cost of care. Identifying undetected kidney disease helps avert complications such as heart attacks, strokes, and dialysis.

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