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Smartphone-Powered Clinical Urine Testing

Our digital urinalysis lets women with uncomplicated UTI
symptoms self-test in minutes, and access quick treatment.

Diagram of UTI test kit

Woman tests at home
with her smartphone

Diagram a smartphone

An online GP provides
an in-app diagnosis

Diagram of medicine bottle

Woman picks up
prescription at the
pharmacy if needed

The test is really easy
and I could see the
results within seconds



Picture of the home urine test
Picture of the home urine test

A New Clinical Pathway

Our solution frees up GP appointments and expedites
the path to
treatment without compromising clinical standards.


GP visits in the
UK related to
suspected UTIs


of women wait
2+ days for a
GP appointment


in UTI treatment
costs to the
NHS annually

Shifting UTI Management
Away from Clinics

Responsible Remote Prescribing

Each diagnosis by an online GP is based both on clinical test results as well as an in-app symptoms questionnaire.

Clinically Accurate

Our AI and computer vision technology normalises and analyses the dipstick image, delivering clinical-grade results regardless of lighting conditions or camera type.

Seamless and Secure

Our product is GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Results are securely transmitted to a remote GP for a quick diagnosis.

User-Centric Design

Testing at home is as easy as taking a selfie. Our user-friendly app scored a 99.5% usability and allows women to complete the test in 3 minutes.

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Help women with UTIs access faster treatment

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