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Transform wound care with Minuteful for Wound

Minuteful for Wound harnesses cutting-edge AI to provide you with accurate and consistent wound documentation and monitoring across the care continuum.

A new dimension of accuracy is the industry leader in using smartphone cameras to capture clinical-grade imagery. Minuteful for Wound uses our proprietary color processing algorithms to normalize images taken under a variety of lighting conditions. The result: high quality wound imagery in three dimensions, allowing for accurate wound assessments, including depth and full tissue analysis.

Five reasons why hospitals should choose Minuteful for Wound

Fully measuring, assessing and documenting a wound can take up half a visit. Minuteful for Wound automates and shortens that process, reducing the workload burden to allow for more quality patient care and better outcomes.

The traditional methods used for measuring wounds, such as paper rulers, are prone to inconsistency, making it difficult to determine whether a wound is healing. Minuteful for Wound captures a highly accurate 3D model of each wound providing for reliable, data-rich documentation to inform clinical decision-making, catch evolving conditions like hospital acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs), and ensure you’re meeting your documentation requirements.

Minuteful for Wound was built to be flexible. It can be easily customized to suit your teams’ clinical workflows, and integrates seamlessly with most EMRs, including Epic and Cerner. And you won’t need any fancy hardware—just a standard mobile phone or tablet.

Informing and motivating patients is key to improving clinical outcomes, but that can be particularly difficult when it comes to wounds. Using Minuteful for Wound, clinicians can provide their patients with visual “time-lapse” records of each wound’s progress, offering them an unmediated look at the healing process to boost their engagement and adherence to care plans.

The solution gives care teams full visibility into each wound via a dedicated portal, allowing less experienced staff to manage wounds under the remote guidance of expert clinicians, while ensuring continuity of care. Upskilling junior staff eases the burden on senior staff and allows for better allocation of resources and prioritization of patient care. has successfully changed wound care management. We're excited to partner with them to help our nurses accurately and consistently monitor chronic wounds.

Joseph McDonough,
CEO ,Innovive Health

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